AP ENPS Integration

Learn how to open Trint within AP ENPS to transcribe files and grab quotes, all without switching platforms

Trint now seamlessly integrates with leading news production management system AP ENPS to supercharge newsroom workflows. Easily transcribe audio and video, view transcripts and search for key quotes with Trint – all at the click of a button and within your AP ENPS platform.

Enabling the Trint integration

  1. Select Trint Plugin from the toolbar at the bottom of the ENPS platform.  Then simply login with your usual Trint account details when it loads. Note: SSO login not yet available.

  2. The Trint dashboard will then load within the plugin window, giving you the option to view, open, verify and edit any. The page is reactive, dependent on the size on the window within ENPS, so may look slightly different to the below (e.g. ‘suggested activity’ disappears below a certain size.)

Transcribing in ENPS

  1. Select any audio or video asset in ENPS or within an ENPS story and drag it into the Trint plugin window.

  2. A prompt will appear asking you to begin transcribing the asset. When clicked, it will appear within your Trint file list with a transcribing status. A notification will pop-up within the Trint UI when it has finished transcribing.

  3. If the audio or video asset has already been transcribed, you will receive a notification to open the existing transcript. This will help ensure teams aren’t creating duplicate transcripts of the same video/audio and are all working off the same file.

  4. You can also transcribe audio or video files that are not yet in ENPS. Just click on the Upload button within the Trint plugin window and choose the file to transcribe from your local computer, company server or sharing platforms such as DropBox.

Adding quotes and key moments

  1. Open any transcript within the Trint plugin window to edit, verify and highlight key moments. You can also use Trint’s advanced search to find specific words, names or phrases across your entire Trint library.

  2. Select the quote, soundbite or clip you want to use in your ENPS story and you will see an in-line toolbar appear above the text. Click the Add to ENPS button.

  3. You will now see the selected quote and speaker name(s) appear in your open ENPS story. Beneath will be a link to the Trint transcript and in and out timecodes, which will load the source transcript within the Trint plugin window if you ever need to navigate back to it. 

Functionality coming soon

We are always looking to add new efficiency and time-savings features to the AP ENPS and Trint integration. Here’s what we are planning to release next:

  • Trint transcripts can be pushed into ENPS as wires, allowing users to get notified of transcripts featuring keywords in the ‘forward search’ functionality. This will help teams easily share transcripts and stay up-to-date with the latest content available.
  • Automatically transcribe all clips within an ENPS story and add any chosen quotes under the related audio/video asset from the story. This can help take away the manual pain of doing each clip separately.
  • Users can add all or just selected highlights from a Trint transcript to an ENPS story, allowing teams to find key moments while reviewing transcripts and then effortlessly export to ENPS with a click.

We hope you have found this article useful. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at support@trint.com and our team will be happy to help.