Why won’t my file upload?

What to do if files taking a long time or fails to upload

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If you upload a file and it doesn’t appear in your My Drive list, it’s likely the file encountered an error during upload. This guide offers troubleshooting tips to help you avoid uploading problems.

This support guide will cover:

Checking your file format

The file formats Trint supports are:

Audio: MP3, M4A, MP4, AAC and WAV

Video: MP4, WMA, MOV and AVI

Your files must be under three hours duration or three GB in size. Anything larger is likely to stall or encounter an error so try splitting up larger files before uploading them to Trint.

Sometimes your file can be one of the formats listed above and within the time/GB limit but still not upload. We recommend you try converting your file to another format that we support as this can help iron out any issues. There are many free tools you can use for this such as Cloud Convert.

Checking your internet browser

Trint works best with Google Chrome so we recommend switching to it if you haven't already. If you are still having trouble uploading files, try turning on incognito mode in Chrome to see if this resolves things.

Some third-party extensions (for example, Evernote, Adblocker, or Grammarly) will block or slow down certain functions on the Trint web app. If you’re running any of those on your browser, try disabling them for all Trint pages.

You should also try clearing your cache/cookies, then log out and back in again to Trint before trying to upload your file again.

Checking your network

If you are accessing Trint from a workplace or institutional network (college or university Wi-Fi for example) your administrator could be restricting access to certain parts of our site. Check with your IT team if any Filestack domains are blocked and ask them to grant access to Trint’s web app.

Uploading from cloud servers

If you are uploading from one of the supported cloud servers (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Drive, OneDrive) check that you have verified your email address and are logged in. Once this is done try uploading your file again.

We hope you have found this article useful. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at support@trint.com and our team will be happy to help.

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