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Are you under greater pressure to deliver high quality video content with reduced budgets and compressed turnaround times?

In that case, you should watch the recording of our webinar where we focused on the tips and tools of effective storytelling.

Trint's Phill Brougham was joined by Amina Moreau, co-founder of five-time Emmy Award winning Stillmotion. Together they picked apart the playbook and discussed:

  • The trends and evolution within the video production industry
  • How to create storytelling excellence, from processes to tools and tricks.
  • Story creation in motion, where Amina talked through an example from ideation to a rough cut ready for the final polish.

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Phill Brougham
Product Marketing Manager

Phill Brougham is Trint's Product Marketing Manager, responsible for bringing our products to life through messaging and stories. Phill can generously be described as an amateur video creator, however, over the last several months speaking with, and learning from, our customers in production, editing and storytelling in video, he's become a passionate advocate for Trint's Story feature, aimed at making the lives of video professionals simpler across the board.


Amina Moreau
StillMotion and Sway Storytelling

Amina Moreau is the co-founder of five-time Emmy Award winning Stillmotion and Sway Storytelling. Having worked with everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies, she’s navigated countless challenges in client alignment, story development, production efficiency, business pivots, and the nuanced elegance of the language of film. Nowadays, one of her greatest passions is empowering other creatives to be able to do more of what they love, by sharing what she’s learned along the way.