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How to search for words, phrases and symbols in your transcripts

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Whether you’re looking for keyboards or need to replace a common word across your transcript, Trint’s find & replace tool makes editing easy. This guide will explain where to find this tool and how it works.

This support guide will cover:

How to search your transcript

Click on the “Find & Replace” icon in the navigation bar of the Trint Editor. Now type the word of phrase you want to find into the text box.

All instances of your word or phrase will be highlighted across your transcript. You can also use the arrow buttons to cycle through each result.

How to replace words in your transcript

To replace words simply type what you want to replace your search with into the “Replace” text field. Choose whether to replace each instance of your searched word individually or all at once, then press the yellow button.

This can be useful when adding words to your custom dictionary. If you spot a word in your transcript that needs amending, you can simply find & replace any other mention of that word rather than re-transcribing the file.

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