The benefits of redacting text over deleting it

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If you decide you don’t need a section of text when reviewing your transcript, you can quickly redact the text using Trint’s strike tool. This guide will explain how striking text can help you create more accurate content faster.

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The benefits of strike over deleting text

If you delete portions of a transcript, it can create inaccurate timecodes that in turn make it more difficult to create your end content.

By using the strike tool on text you don’t need, you can easily redact sections of your transcript and also tell Trint’s AI to miss out those sections when playing back your file’s audio or video.

You can also keep track of how much text you have redacted by hovering over the “Total Duration” tab at the bottom of your transcript.

How to use the strike tool

Strike is located in the in-line toolbar of the Trint Editor. Simply select the text that you would like to skip over and the “Strike” button will become clickable.

You can also select your text and use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + J to strike.

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