Mobile app

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What is the mobile App?

Trint’s mobile app merges Trint’s state of the art transcription technology with a portable recorder. Have you ever wanted to record a conversation and have it transcribed, all without logging into your computer?

Now you can.

What can I do with it?

With the mobile app you can:

  • Transcribe on the go: Record audio directly in the app, or upload existing files on your phone: all audio transcribed in 30+ languages

  • Follow audio and text together: Listen to audio alongside transcript to check for accuracy

  • View all transcripts: View transcripts, personal and shared, for both audio and video

  • Seamless sync: Seamless syncing between mobile and web

  • Easy sharing: Share transcripts with colleagues within the mobile app

  • Improved access management: Folder and file management on local device and Trint folder.

  • Choose your preferred language: Access to use Trint in English, French and German.

Where can I download it?

iOS users: App Store

Android users: Play Store

What is the minimum version of iOS that supports the app?

The minimum version of iOS that supports the app is 14.1.

Here is the list of all the older devices that support the app:

What if I don’t have a Trint account?

No problem! Once you download the app you will be able to start a new trial.

(Please note: you cannot purchase a plan or start a trial from the app, and this will have to be done from our website).

What if I do have a Trint account?

Great news! Just go to the Account page and click on the big yellow Log In button, and enter your email to sign in.

How do I make a recording?

Once logged in, click on the yellow button with a microphone on it at the bottom of the screen, and the recording will start.

This screen has several features to help you get the most out of your recordings.

You can pause and unpause the recording process at any time by pressing the red button.

Pressing the play icon lets you listen to the recording from the beginning.

Once the recording is stopped, it is saved automatically and you will be asked whether you would like to upload it to Trint now.

You’ll be able to access the recording from the home screen at any point. You can also click on the recording to view details.

If you choose to upload the recording to Trint, you will see the Upload menu where you will be able to configure the settings for your upload and customise the way it will be transcribed.

Can I upload other audio files from the app?

Yes, you can!

Click on the Upload button on the home screen, and you will be able to select the file from your device.

Once you have your audio or video files in your Local Files, getting them transcribed is easy. Simply click on the recording to edit the Upload Options, and then click Upload the bottom of the screen.

Once the file was uploaded, it will be transcribed automatically.

How do I know when the transcription is ready?

You can check the status of your transcription from both the Recent Trints page and the Details page (the page you see when you click on the file name). On both pages you should see a green or yellow dot followed by the current status: Uploading, Uploaded, Transcribing, or Transcribed.

The app will notify you once the transcription is complete (if you have Trint's notifications turned on in your phone's settings), but you will also receive an e-mail notification, just as you would were you to use our web app.

How long will it take?

On average, the transcription time is less than the length of the file itself. If your file is taking longer than expected, you may need to get in touch with us at

How do I share my transcript?

Open up the transcript so that you can see the text, and press the yellow icon with a "+" next to it. You can then fill in the recipient details on the pop up screen.

Can I delete a recording?

Yes, you can. If you click on a recording, you will see a bin icon in top right hand corner of the screen. Click on the icon, and you will be prompted to confirm whether you would like to delete the file.

Can I upload video files?

Yes, you can!

Can I record calls with the mobile app?

This isn't possible on our mobile app but how about trying Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams and then uploading to Trint?